Electra L1B (ref. L1B-44)

Choosing an Electra battery is choosing for a high level of reliability and durability. The Electra battery provides you with long term performance, so you can hit the road in peace every day again.

Please remember to always replace your battery by a similar battery, in accordance with the specifications of your vehicle. Our experts are here to advise you.
Empower Your World, with Electra Batteries.

The Electra “L Series” battery is a maintenance-free battery that has been designed and manufactured in compliance with the international standards and certifications.

This battery is made for light vehicles : compact and city cars, sedans, station wagons, SUVs, light utility vehicles, etc.

Please use our battery selection tool to check the right fit with your own vehicle (make, model, production year, engine, etc).

  • Series DIN
  • Box type Maintenance free
  • Code 544001033
  • Nominal capacity : AH (20H) 44
  • Cranking power: A (EN) : 330
  • Size 210 x 175 x 175 mm
  • Use Private Vehicles and Light Utility Vehicles (sedans, station wagons, SUVs, light commercial vehicles ...)